Pivot Tables in R with dplyr

The prolific Hadley Wickham did it again! This time he came up, together with Romain Francois, with an amazing library for data manipulation that turns the task of making Pivot Tables in R a real breeze. Enter dplyr. Along the lines of ggplot2, also from the same main author, dplyr implements a grammar of data manipulation and also introduces a new syntax using “pipe” operators.

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R for Excel Users #5 – Manipulating Data Frames

I just uploaded to YouTube a new episode of the series “R for Excel Users”. Today we will be looking at how to manipulate Data Frames in a proper and effective way. If you like this series and would like to be informed when new episodes are posted, you can subscribe to this blog through the subscription button on the right. Enjoy!

R for Excel Users #3 – Data frames and special R values

I have just released the third video tutorial of the series “R for Excel Users”. In this episode, we are getting to know data frames and learning how to use the special data values in R, namely NA (Not Assigned), NaN (Not a Number) and +Inf/-Inf (positive and negative Infinite).
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Have fun with R!