KNIME 3 charting with Plotly.js

KNIME is great for all data manipulation and analysis tasks, but so far it hasn’t shined in the visualization compartment. The native chart nodes produce an output which, despite being interactive and supporting highlighting, is everything but visually appealing. In full honesty it has a bit of 1990’s look and feel.
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KNIME for beginners – Part 1


This series of tutorials – KNIME for beginners – introduces KNIME version 3 from the ground up through some real-life examples and applications. It is recommended that you follow along and try out each step by yourself.
KNIME, pronounced “nime” like in “lime”, is an open source end-to-end data analytics tool which can be used to solve a wide range of problems in science and in business.
Thanks to its intuitive visual way of working, KNIME can be quickly mastered also by non-technical users. KNIME has a broad user community which provides support and develops additional components to extend its capabilities and range of applications.
When more flexibility is required, KNIME natively integrates with a wide range of programming languages such as Java, R, Python and many more.
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