Pencil drawing effect in Powerpoint (any version)

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I know this is a photography blog and that I’m not blogging often, however today I came up with a cool PowerPoint pencil drawing effect and I thought I will share it here. With this effect, which is very simple to achieve, you can turn a boring presentation into a more spicy one, at least visually!

Once you have gone through all the steps you will be able to turn this:

Into this:

Here is how to do it.


Draw any graphics that you want to turn into a pencil like drawing. In the example above, I used a sample sequence diagram.


Select the Scribble tool (under Autoshapes –> Lines) and start scribbling with it on top of your drawing. Try to keep a constant direction, going back and forth like you are painting inside the forms. The color with which you are scribbling doesn’t metter at this point. Just select one that is visible. Also it doesn’t really metter whether you are staying or not within the contour of the shapes. We will fix it later on.


Select your scribbled artwork (!?) and duplicate it on top of the original one. Offset the copy slightly in a way that does not create too many thick lines. Experiment until you get a nice effect. Use you arrow keys for an easier placement. You should get something like this.

I know that at this point it looks ugly, but bear with me.


This is the finishing step. Change the color of the your scribbled artwork to match the color of the foreground (white in this case). If your PowerPoint allows it, set the transparency to 60% or similar. Experiment with it until you get the desired effect. Duplicate the scribbled artwork to cover all the drawings. For a finishing touch, you can bring the text on top and change its color to one that stands out (darker in my example). You can also duplicate the original drawings, bring them on top and select No Fill, to leave only the border in place. This will visually clip the pencil drawing effect and limit it to the inside of the shapes.

Here is the finished artwork:

Hope you enjoyed it. Happy creative PowerPointing!


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