How to watch Veetle channels on your Apple TV

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Here is a simple procedure to watch Veetle channels (at least those that have an Apple compatible streaming format) on your Apple TV.

What you need

1) A browser capable of impersonating an iPhone/iPod/iPad and to inspect HTML elements on the page. For the purpose I’m using Safari for Mac (Developer mode must be active – if not, go to Preferences – Advanced and tick “Show Develop menu in menu bar”).
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can also change User Agent and inspect HTML elements on the page through extensions (such as Firebug).
2) Airflick, to send the URL of the streaming channel to your Apple TV
3) Well… an Apple TV! (I tested this one with an Apple TV Gen 3).

Here is how it works

1) Open Safari and change the User Agent to iPhone/iPod/iPad.

2) Go to Veetle ( and navigate to the channel you want to display on your Apple TV.

3) Right click on the movie that should have started to stream and select Inspect Element.

4) Copy the URL of the streaming movie into Airflick Movie URL, including http:// and all the way to stream.m3u8.
Tip: you can right click and select Edit Attribute, copy the string directly and then paste it into Airflick.

5) Enjoy Veetle on your Apple TV!

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    1. Hi Tyson,
      It is very difficult to help without seeing the offending URL. Can you copy/paste it here so I can take a look? Cheers.

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