[SOLVED] Apple Compressor fails with Quicktime Error -50

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Any time I was exporting movies from Final Cut Pro X to Compressor through the Share –> Send to Compressor option to render them within this application, Compressor would fail randomly during the process with a QuickTime Error -50.

I couldn’t really make sense of the error as it happened randomly, meaning sometime the rendering would be successful, sometime not. It also appeared to be independent from the encoding parameters utilized. Tweaking with them did not help at all.

Looking up on the Internet I found many others with the same problem, but none of the recommended solutions worked for me, so I had to look for my own!

Long story short, here is what worked for me. Are you ready?

Well the solution is: do not close Final Cut Pro X after having issued the Send to Compressor command and switched to Compressor!

Apparently Compressor needs Final Cut Pro X still up and running in the background in order to be able to render successfully. Folks with not enough RAM/CPU power may think to free up some memory by closing Final Cut Pro X once the Send the Compressor command has been issued (it was so for me, before I upgraded my Mac Book Pro to 8 GB of RAM).

Closing Final Cut Pro X while Compressor still has to render/encode the movie causes it to fail with the cryptic QuickTime Error -50. Since I have been leaving FCPX open in the background, Compressor never failed once!

Hope this helps!

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    1. Ciao Luca,
      In pratica l’errore e’ causato dal fatto di mandare il filmato in rendering tramite Compressor e, una volta lanciato, di chiudere Final Cut Pro con l’intento di liberare memoria e risorse. Per lavorare correttamente, Compressor ha bisogno che Final Cut Pro resti aperto. Chiudendolo mentre Compressor lavora, si causa l’errore Quicktime -50. Spero ti sia utile. Ciao!

      1. Il problema รจ che io final cut pro x non lo chiudo e l’errore mi si crea lo stesso. Ora ho esportato da final cut con codec ProRes e mi ha generato tranquillamente il file .mov (da 35GB) in pochi minuti senza nessun errore, ora cosa mi consigli per convertirlo in H.264?

  1. Nope. About to try exporting for the 23rd time. I’ve exported 100s of videos but this time I’m stumped.

    1. Hi Chandler,
      did you try to copy/paste all the footage to a brand new project and export from there?

  2. Hi Marco,
    Thanks for this tutorial.
    It really helps me.

    Could you say us if you know more about the “FCPX burning DVD with Apple Compressor : fails with Quicktime Error -0 ” ?

    I saw twenty posts about it but none is solved.

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