[SOLVED] Running yiic from the command prompt with EasyPHP

I am currently experimenting with the Yii framework and I had some troubles running the yiic utility from Windows command prompt using the EasyPHP WAMP stack (I normally work on a Mac, but I wanted to make it work on Windows too).

While the stack works fine from a web browser, invoking PHP from its home directory under EasyPHP would raise a lot of warnings, mostly complaining about missing DLL extensions. Really annoying! It turns out php.exe cannot find its configuration file php.ini. Off to fix it.

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Final Cut Pro X: How to copy and paste audio keyframes

Suppose you are editing your video in Final Cut Pro X and you are pretty ahead in your workflow. You have already placed the background (bed) music along the video and have properly key-framed it around the dialogs.

Then, while reviewing the almost finished version, you realize that a piece of music does not really fit with the context. It definitely needs to be replaced, but doing so you will be losing all your key-framing work on that part. What a waste of time! But wait. Here is a trick that can help you.

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[SOLVED] Apple Compressor fails with Quicktime Error -50

Any time I was exporting movies from Final Cut Pro X to Compressor through the Share –> Send to Compressor option to render them within this application, Compressor would fail randomly during the process with a QuickTime Error -50.

I couldn’t really make sense of the error as it happened randomly, meaning sometime the rendering would be successful, sometime not. It also appeared to be independent from the encoding parameters utilized. Tweaking with them did not help at all.

Looking up on the Internet I found many others with the same problem, but none of the recommended solutions worked for me, so I had to look for my own!

Long story short, here is what worked for me. Are you ready?

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