Bye bye Shareaholic

I just removed the WordPress Shareaholic plugin after I realised it injects unwanted content and external links into my site. See the screenshot below where it adds an unwanted link to KUpdates. In full honesty, would it be a link somehow related to what I write about, but this is about someone expecting twins! Unbelievable.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 22.26.44

Anyway, according to some other bloggers out there, the same plugin also injects unwanted tracking code and provides information on your visitors to other sites. I recommend everyone using Shareaholic to remove it immediately

This is the story of an originally nice plugin gone totally bad. Hopefully will also take a stand and remove it from their plugin directory. For sure it is gone forever from my sites.


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Adding Bootstrap 3.0 support to your WordPress theme

In a previous series of posts, we had the chance to build a Really Minimal theme for WordPress 3.5 and higher. In case you missed those posts, you will find a link to them at the end of this article. I recommend you get yourself familiar with them before reading on.

As you recall, the theme we built was indeed minimal and it missed in particular any kind of styling. The recent release of Bootstrap 3.0 by Twitter gives us the chance to style our theme and, as a bonus, to turn it into a responsive design.

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