Import data into R from Mac OS X clipboard

Did you know that it is possible to import (read) data into R directly from Mac OS X clipboard? Actually it is easier than it looks like, provided that you know how to address the Mac clipboard within the read.table function.

The trick is to use pipe files. Pipe files in R can be addressed through the pipe function. Next you need to know the proper name of the pipe file that corresponds to the Mac clipboard, which is “pbpaste”.

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Adding Bootstrap 3.0 support to your WordPress theme

In a previous series of posts, we had the chance to build a Really Minimal theme for WordPress 3.5 and higher. In case you missed those posts, you will find a link to them at the end of this article. I recommend you get yourself familiar with them before reading on.

As you recall, the theme we built was indeed minimal and it missed in particular any kind of styling. The recent release of Bootstrap 3.0 by Twitter gives us the chance to style our theme and, as a bonus, to turn it into a responsive design.

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