[SOLVED] Apple Compressor fails with Quicktime Error -50

Any time I was exporting movies from Final Cut Pro X to Compressor through the Share –> Send to Compressor option to render them within this application, Compressor would fail randomly during the process with a QuickTime Error -50.

I couldn’t really make sense of the error as it happened randomly, meaning sometime the rendering would be successful, sometime not. It also appeared to be independent from the encoding parameters utilized. Tweaking with them did not help at all.

Looking up on the Internet I found many others with the same problem, but none of the recommended solutions worked for me, so I had to look for my own!

Long story short, here is what worked for me. Are you ready?

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How to create a fully rotatable earth with Apple Motion 5

I just uploaded to Vimeo a quick tutorial on how to create a fully rotatable earth with Apple Motion 5.

The other tutorials I have seen around, also based on the use of the Sphere filter, only generate a semi-sphere where the edges show up past a certain rotation angle.

With the trick I present in this tutorial, the earth looks completely 3D and can be rotated along any axis appearing really spherical. Check it out and let me know if you find it useful.


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[SOLVED] How to properly convert JVC MOD files to MP4 on Mac

I own a not so new JVC Everio GZ-MG130 camcorder which records on an internal HDD and optionally on an SD card. I haven’t been using it for a long time, but recently we decided to bring it along and use it during our sailing trip in the British Virgin Island.

Once back home, while trying to utilize the JVC MOD files in iMovie and Final Cut Pro, I (re)discovered how much these Apple applications do not like the MOD format!

Both applications are actually able to import the MOD files when connecting the camera directly to the Mac or simulating a Camera Archive after having copied to files to the computer hard drive. However the imported movies are displayed with a wrong aspect ratio (4:3 instead of the correct 16:9) and in many cases the video quality is very degraded. The video size is also reported to be 720×576 (PAL), while it is actually 720×405.

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